Lebron James Crying Deeply While Losing to Spurs


Title: Lebron James Crying Deeply While Losing to Spurs

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Added on: June 16th, 2014

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  1. By: Anonymous

    Dumb ass, michael jordon cry too

  2. By: Anonymous

    he got more money den MJ

  3. By: CmonLebron

    You would think after getting two rings LeBron would have the urge to want more rings…there are tennis and golf players have more desire to win more chips than LeBron..He played well but obviously Mentally he was weak and he didn’t push himself or the team to try to play harder

  4. By: OKC

    Lebron to OKC

  5. By: Miamiboy305

    you would cry to if you lost a game to a bunch of clowns that ain’t got no name in the sport of basketball

  6. By: Lebron

    Lebron is rich as fuck and comfortable so shut the fuck up

  7. By: Anonymous

    Lebron ain’t shit and that’s why he getting traded to New Mexico

  8. By: blunt

    stop talking bout a nigga that don’t give a fuck about ya’ll


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