For Business : (E-Blast, Twitter, Instagram, PR Services, Radio & more.)


RAP STAR PROMO – Our E-Blast go to over 500,000 contacts (Worldwide) – WE HAVE THE #1 EBLAST IN MUSIC #Period

If You’ve Purchased A Blast:

Send: Artist Name, Song Title: MP3,picture, & info to along with Paypal Transaction ID number!

E-BLAST (Prices)

1 BLAST : $500  (Get Seen By Everyone At Once)


4 Blast: $1,500 – Includes 1 Twitter Blast from over 100+ accounts &  1 Instagram Single Blast (To Over 107,000 “REAL” People) @RapStarLive


Twitter Promo: $650 per week  (5 days) business days

Rotation Tweets (2 weeks) – $500

RAP STAR PR (Services) : $1,500 per month  (Securing as many blog, radio, website placements for your single,video, etc. per month. + securing interviews) includes our E-Blast & Instagram Placement (107.000 followers) +5 other pages & Twitter Blast

Full Project Management/Consulting:  $2,500 per month (Taking your project on as ours and giving our professional advice daily on what you would need to do in order to win with your project overall, day by day conversation and detailed documents on what you would need to do in order to win with your project and take it to the next level.) includes our E-Blast & Instagram Placement (107.000 followers) +5 other pages & Twitter Blast

Each Additional cost will be paid for by the party that need services.

Listening Fee Per Single : $100

(We’ll listen to your single and give you feedback to let you know if your song is even worth pushing, don’t waste your money pushing a single that’s not going to move properly.)


Blog Placements: $2,500 (10-20 guaranteed placements)  – For Videos or Single + Full Press Release

Social Media Management: $1,500 a month – You’ll never feel the same about your social media account again, we get in and do a full make over for your brand & your fans will engage more and the world will never see you the same again. (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube) – Followers, Likes,Views,& more. )

 TV Placements (Revolt, BET Jams, MTV, VH1) – E-mail Your Video to: for more info. 




Our Exclusive Page: @RapStarTVLive with over 107,000 “REAL FOLLOWERS” on it. This is a sure fire way to get your music heard & get your face seen by many people all at once & the numbers get bigger dauly.

Host Our Instagram Video Show: Rap Star TV Live: $1,000

                        We would need 4 drops +

freestyle from your artist and we’ll chop up their music video to a 15 sec clip for our audience to see.

Instagram Shout Out:

$100 Per Hour (Minimum: 3 Hours)

Full Instagram Campaign to get your Hot All Over Instagram

Contact us for the pricing. (



Video Promo:

Rap Star TV Placement: $500

WorldStarHipHop Placement: $1,000 (Your Video will be Rap Star Promo Submitted which will drive more traffic to your video & give you a credible co-sign + we’ll tell you what to do in order to look like more of a celeb on worldstarhiphop to maxamize your brand which many artist don’t know.)

Standard: 750.00 worldstar fee + 250.00 Rap Star Promo fee

(If Your Video is Garbage we can’t post it or co-sign it.)

MTV Jams  (Call Us For Details)

Internet Video Bundle:  $3,500

Rap Star TV – WorldStarHipHop video placements + 5 more guaranteed popular video sites – Instagram Post Of Your Video on @RapStarTV2

FULL BLAST VIDEO CAMPAIGN (Call For Details) includes “Real” Youtube Promotion to even everything out.

Mixtape Promo:

Mixtape promotion is also available upon request.


Radio Promotions (Starts at a minimum of $10,000)

“Let us Get You Radio Airplay (Regular rotation & Mixshow Nationwide)

Here Are The Services we Provide:

Generate Airplay
Radio Airplay Tracking 
Coordinate Radio Interviews
 Compose E-Blast/Newsletters 
Set up Station Drops 
Submit Music Snippets to A&R’s Organize Promo Tours 
We will encode your song w. Bds or Media Base 
We Provide BDS/Media Base Reports 
Web Design (Flash,Html) 
IAP’s, Myspace Design




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