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NEWS: Angie Martinez Resigns From Hot 97, Reportedly Moving To Power 105.1

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They were discovered back in 2005, during BET’s National New Faces Talent Search…Fast forward to today and Rocsi and Terrence J have proved all the haters wrong becoming stars that shine way beyond our television screens. Now, after seven years, Rocsi & Terrence J prepare to say goodbye to 106 & Park


WHY ARE THEY BANNING LIL WAYNE FROM GOING TO THE LAKERS PLAY OFF GAME?? SO WHAT HE IS F***ING ONE OF THE PLAYERS LADIES!!! HE IS LIL WAYNE.  NBA baller James Harden PERSONALLY  asked that rapper Lil Wayne NOT ATTEND any of the Lakers playoff games against the Oklahoma City Thunder. SEEMS LIKE he mad about LiL Wayne have “relations” old flame rapper Trina.

The Cast of the new season of LOVE AND HIP HOP HAS been revealed!!! The season  series will be filmed in the HOT ATLANTA!!! With New cast being filled with some Hot and then some NOT SO hot artist and producers we look forward to ALOT OF DRAMA!

– Stevie J., a three-time Grammy Award winning producer who has worked with Diddy, Jay-Zand Mariah Carey. Stevie J’s girlfriend Mimi Faust.

– Up-and-coming Latina rapper Joseline.

– Lil Scrappy (”Money int he Bank”), his girlfriend Erica Dixon and his mom, nicknamed “Momma Dee.”

– Atlanta rapper Rasheeda, who is still seeking a big break, plus her manager and husband Kirk Frost.

– Songbird K Michelle

– Trinidadian R&B singer Karlie Redd

There will be ten episodes.

The original version, which has already aired two seasons since its debut in March, 2011, regularly draws 2 to 3 million viewers per week in its original airing.



Andre 3000 is staring in another movie…kinda. The film will reportedly explore famous Hendrix’s early career, tracking his times spent in England in 1966 and 1967 crafting what would become his classic debut album, Are You Experienced. John Ridley, writer of 1999’s Three Kings and 1997’s U turn. 

THE AVENGERS,  has been the named the best movie of year rocking the box office over the weekend. It  estimated $200 million in the first week. That take is significantly higher than the previous record holder, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2,” which collected $169.2 million when it opened last year.

FIRST MAC, OPI AND NOW PEPSI, NICKI IS GETTING TO THE MONEY… Seems like Pepsi is preparing to launch their ad featuring brand ambassador Nicki Minaj next week, and it looks like it will be filled with loads of color and fun.The commercial features a remixed version of Nicki’s 2012 hit single “Moment For Life,” newly titled “Now in the Moment.” It will debut on Monday, May 7 in support of Pepsi’s global campaign “Live For Now-@roxyred01

Singer Omarion is not done yet. He recently signed to Rick Ross label MayBach music… COOL but what F*** is up with his name change Maybach O ??? and his new Wardrobe ??? you are no Gangster looooool. Rick Ross  held a press conference at the Eventi Hotel in New York City on Wednesday releasing the BIG NEWS about Omarion and also the release date of his highly anticipated album God Forgives, I Don’t -roxyred01


It looks like Emily B from the reality show LOVE AND HIP HOP will not be returning this coming season. Long time boyfriend Fabulous told her she couldnt go! We applaud FABOLOUS  – he got his WIFEY out of that F*CKERY.

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TYLER PERRY STUDIO IS HOT …LITERALLY. A massive fire was called in at 8:41 p.m., and before it was over, more than 100 firefighters had responded to a blaze that quickly escalated to four alarms. Luckily nobody was hurt in this fire! what or whom started the fire is still under investigation.

Khloe and Lamar ARE THE FAVORITES OUT OF THE KARDASHAIN CLAN BUT SADLY THERE WILL NOT BE ANYMORE REALITY TV FOR THE COUPLE. The reality spin-off that showcases Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom‘s relationship will be canceled after its second season. It seems that after Odom’s Dallas Mavericks upset, he wants to focus more on his NBA career rather than becoming a TV show staple.

HERE IS A REAL BAD GIRL. Anna Mackowia is under investigation for removing all of her ex boyfriend teeth! Marek  made a dentist appointment with his ex Anna Mackowiak, and during the appointment things went terribly WRONG. Instead of removing 1 tooth she removed all 32 of his teeth. Marek who was highly sedated didn’t notice a thing, especially after Anna bandaged up his face and sent him on his merry way…WOW GURL POWER

Martin Lawrence and his wife of 17 years are DIVORCING. ANOTHER HOLLYWOOD COUPLE FAILED.

Lil’ Kim is doing it again!!!! Kim is publishing her first book on her experience  in jail, THAT GOING TO BE A READ,  She RECENTLY  told WCGI’s Morning Riot that she is working on a new album, plans to drop some new singles in the near future and her pending documentary-@roxyred01


HOMO ALERT!!! IS Brian McKnight GAY? He sure is showing some signs!!! Brian is dead serious about his upcoming “adult mixtape.” The clean cut R&B singer is taking a step into the X-rated music world with a new set of highly sexual and graphic tracks.

Looks like drake is going to do it again! Since his 2011 album “Take Care”  didn’t do as good he thought Drake is going to try again. He told Billboard on a conference call that he was going through a “transition” in his life, giving him a different mindset and focusing more him.  Drake says that this next album he working on will be “very interesting”.  We have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for the Canadian rapper-@roxyred01

We ALL know that Nicki DELETED her twitter account. WELL, while in London promoting her latest album, Pink Friday: Roman ReloadedNicki Minaj appeared on the Graham Norton show and said THIS!!!

“A voice in my head told me to delete my Twitter and that’s what I did. I had 11 million followers and I hope they will wait for me. I reply all the time and get to know them by name and I have a really personal bond with them… not all 11 million, but at least 10 of them a day…I don’t know yet, I’m thinking about it. I miss my Barbz (her name for her fans), please bear with me.”

What is wrong with celebrities and paying there taxes? Rapper Ma$e owes a total of $124,774.85 in back taxes to the I.R.S. Documents filed in Florida exposed the discrepancies dating to 2000, 2001 and 2004, around the time Ma$e stepped away from music to become a preacher.

SOOOOOOOO is Snoop Dog engaged to his side chick??? What the Hell is going on with that! supposedly Snoop was caught with his long time side chick and she rockin an edgaged ring…i wonder how his wife feels about that lol

“Think Like a Man,” based on Steve Harvey’s dating-advice best-seller, made over $33 million, according to studio estimates Sunday!!!! GREAT MOVIE AND GREAT BOOK!!!!

Jennifer Hudson took the stand as she testified about the tragic loss of her family!! Gurl be strong our prayers go out for you!

What a minute! BEYONCE is trying to get her G.E.D. well, YOU GO GIRL!!! we all know that she dropped out of school at the age of 15 and now she is ….lol how old is she really?? GET YOUR EDUCATION KIDS

What is going on with Heineken Beer, supposedly the advertisements were caught in an illegal dog fighting game!!! Even though the dog fight was in Mongolia, Americans are not happy!

OMG ITS  OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED that Kim Zolciak was FIRED from the housewives cast!!! AND GUESS WHO TOLD HER LEAVE YES, OUR GIRL NENE. AND SHE BRAGGING ON HER TWITTER HOW SHE GOT KIM FIRED. THE CLAWS ARE OUT … First Sheree and Now KIM ??? just give NeNe her own damn show -(RoxyRed01)


GUESS WHICH ATLANTA HOUSE GOT FIRED, AND GUESS GOT HER FIRED! whatever beef NeNe and Sheree had going got kinda HOT HOT HOT causing NENE to put an ULTIMATUM to producers of the show . . . either FIRE Sheree . . . or she’s LEAVING. Producers decided to stick with NeNe!!! BYE BYE SHEREE, GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CLOTHING LINE AND SINGING CAREER lol

Hot Head Kanye West went CRAZY on his new hit “Theraflu,” a new track produced by Hit Boy scheduled to appear on DJ Khaled’s next album and also on his own up and coming album G.O.O.D MUSIC . He is Bragging and Telling it ALL …This JUICY song is stuffed with boasts about the rapper’s fashion cred, from boasting that he’s had dinner with Vogue editor Anna Wintour to showing off a $6000 pair of shoes. The most interesting bit veers off course from the fashion talk to address the relationship between his ex, Amber Rose, and rival rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Opening arguments began today as the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to rule on President Obama’s landmark national health care law later this year.Whatever the nine justices decide, it will be historic.That provision of the law requires Americans to buy health insurance, and it could unravel President Obama’s biggest domestic policy achievement (RoxyRed01)

OMG Basketball Wives star Tami Roman SUFFERED A MASSIVE HEART ATTACK!!! Tami check herself into the hospital after feeling under the weather. Doctors soon realized that she had suffered a HEART ATTACK – caused by MASSIVE BLOCKAGE in her arteries…WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU GURL!

Trayvon Martin vs George Zimmerman, Yesterday the Trayvon Martin Rally was held down town Atlanta at the captial. There was such a hudge turn out. Even with the Atlanta heat everyone had there HOODIES UP. All the universites marched on the steps of the Capital screaming for JUSTICE; Clark Atlanta, Moore house, SpellMan, Moris Brown,Ga state, and many more. It was so Moving to see everyone come together for a GREAT cause with out violence. The emotional speeches were even better!!! They were filled tears and anger as everyone of the speakers touched on the importance being involved with our legislation… VOTE VOTE VOTE!! This is not about Race; this is a RIGHT AND WRONG. R.I.P. TRAYVON MARTIN but lets not forget the other fallen soldiers (RoxyRed01)

Guess who is coming out the closet!!!… rapper LIL B… he suppose to speaking at New York University and dropping some life changing news. Our bet he is coming out the closet as either a GAY man, or a bisexual man!!

Bravo reality star Kim Zolciak and husband Kroy Biermann are expecting their second child!!! CONGRATS GURL!

It seems The Situation IS IN REHAB… According to TMZ, “Jersey Shore” star Mike Sorrentino checked himself in rehab…KIDS SAY NO TO DRUGS.


OM-DOUBLE-G, TYGA’S WAS INVOVED IN A SHOOT OUT AND SOMEONE GOT HURT… looks like drama happened during a concert. While Tyga preforming there was a bottle thrown on stage. The first bottle was ignored by security, but ANOTHER bottle was thrown. Thats when Tyga told the crowd “who ever threw the bottle can meet me out side ” LOL. Seems like the mesaage got across because after the concert gang memebers started shooting!!!!! Tyga came out the situation unharmed BUT a female artist, Honey Cocaine was shot in the arm!… BUT sources say that she is ok! (roxyred01)

We all know that Rhianna has had some Fashion Do’s and fashion Dont’s; but we can all say that she is the best BEST DRESSED IN 2012. Looks like this trend setter is coming out with her own line… ABOUT TIME. Would you wear Rhianna clothing line (roxyred01)

Nicki Minaj bigger than Jay Z??, This epic female rapper did an interview with Allure Magazine revealing that she told Jay Z,at the Victoria Secret Fashion show, that she was taking over. She is bigger than life, In a span of less than two years, Nicki has had eight Billboard Top 20 hits, sold out concerts, and collaborated with Eminem, Britney Spears,and Madonna. Not to mention her FABULOUS cosmetic and polish line with MAC and OPI. This woman is WINNING…WATCH OUT JAY Z NICKI IS COMING FOR YOUR SPOT (ROXYRED01)


OMG WHAT IS CHRIS BROWN GIRLFRIEND TRYING TO PULL. She leaked photos of her holding a BIG BAG OF WEED..WTF RACHET ALERT …Hopefully, Karrueche was just playing and she continues to help Chris Brown heal his broken heart instead of enabling his seemingly immature behavior or she just trying to get famous lol




Guess WHO IS THE NEW ATLANTA HOUSE WIFE ! TOYA CARTER-WRIGHT, Lil Wayne’s EX-WIFE. Cant wait for the new season!!! (@roxyred01)

America Idol is BACK!!! and it looks like you we already have winner.  The 16-year-old San Diego high school student’s assured version of “I Will Always Love You” and Blew the judges out the water!!!! what is NEXT FOR THIS RISING STAR. IM ROUTING FOR JESSICA  SANCHEZ!



Gillie Da Kid







You can follow Gillie Da Kid on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/Gillie_Da_Kid and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Gilladelphia





STOP THE VIOLENCE, Young Jeezy stopped in Orlando, Florida for the latest Thug Motivation 103 concert. Seems like things got crazy between fans and security. Security asked fans to back away from the stage … they didnt like that.. These crazy fans started throwing drinks and chairs at the stage!!! Jezzy couldnt calm the crowd down either so he left!!! WOW better security please!


Riat Ora vs Rihanna… what is going in the ROC nation. It was said that Jay Z took a song from Rihanna and gave it Riat Ora???  … WHO IS RIAT ORA ANY WAY?

OOPS HE DID IT AGAIN, singer Chris Brown has been charged for “Snatch and Grab” robbery. He faces up to 5 years in Florida prison.So unless Chris’ lawyers can pull off a MIRACLE, Breezy is expected to be in JAIL before the week is up!!

Crazy recording group LMFAO is coming out with a movie!!!! YAAAAAAY, keep a look out! its coming soon-@RoxyRed01

Whats really going on with these cell phone prices? looks like we are running out air wave space…This problem is  known as the “spectrum crunch” which threatens to increase the number of dropped calls, slow down data speeds and causes our call phone plans to SKY ROCKET UP.

UH OH TROUBLE FOR RIHANNA , its been 3 years since Chris Brown and Rihanna incident, but We all know that Rihanna and Chris Brown are working together again professionally. People are mad, Rihanna managers and label, Def Jam, are furious for the duet songs. Everyone is saying that this duet will hurt her career BADLY. What does the future hold for the ex-couple?


Denzel Washington new movie Safe House, took the box office over!!! making a little over 78.2 Million the first week. Another Win for Denzel Washington!!!!

NBA legend Allen Iverson is in HAVING MONEY PROBLEMS, HE IS GOING BROKE. A judge order that his wadges be garnished because of a 850,000 jewelry debt. HE NEEDS MONEY ASAP.  Iverson has been approached by different offers, Even a by SOCCER TEAM!!! He needs money and he needs money NOW-@RoxyRed01

BOOM MAN BOOOMING,  Boom Man 2.0 drops today at 6:00pm. You can download and listen to his mixtape EXCLUSIVELY on RAPSTARPROMO!

WAIT,  Rhiana and Chris Brown are making a song together??…is that probation violation

AWWW Nick, Cannon took a break, he said in a statement on the 92.3 NOW website that Friday was his last day hosting the 2-year-old show, called “Rollin”…His doctors told him told calm his “celebrity” down because his mild kidney affection…Get WELL SOON!

Beyonce and Jay Z arent the only couple happy with children. Rapper lil Wayne has another baby on the way AND  he is MARRIED to his italian girlfreind sources say… MARRIED, did any one know that ??

DRAKE vs COMMON, Why are they beefing again? what ever the reason the beef just got real. It was reported that Drake and Common had exchanged fist at the Grammys WELL Drake hit Common and Common walked away.  Boys please play nice !!!

POWER TO THE PEOPLE, Tuesday congress finally decided to sign the agreement to extend tax cuts and more unemployment benefits!! still president Obama kept it REAL and spoke on his concerns on the agreement.

OMG, STAY IT AINT SO, another cheater caught! Peter from House Wives Of Atlanta was caught half naked with two ladies in his hotel room! Cheaters NEVER win!

WHAT THE H*** Nicki Minaj THINKING !!!

Rhiana had to be the best dressed at the Grammys this year! Rhiana graced the red carpet wearing a stunning gown she designed herself along with Giorgio Armani.

What is going on with Chris Brown?? His preformance a EPIC failure and  he did not wear any DRAWERS during his preformance revealing a not so big package… Get it together MAN.

The beautiful soul singer Adele STOLE THE SHOW. This soul singer took home SIX Grammys winning every category that she was nominated for. She claimed three of the music industry’s TOP awards – album, record and song of the year – and added best pop solo performance, pop vocal and short video to her stack of trophies. YOU GO GIRL! – ( @roxyred01)

*UPDATE: It was Said that Singer Whitney Houston  took an ENTIRE BOTTLE of prescription painkillers*

The Death of Diva Whitney Houston has taken HollyWood by storm! From Mariah Carey, to members of the Jackson family, and from “Glee” stars to “Real Housewives,” all of Hollywood is in mourning over the loss of this great talent. RIP Whitney Houston, we sang along and fell in love to your songs- (@roxyred01)

THE MUSIC WORLD HAS LOST A DIVA TO BE RECKONED WITH …Whitney Houston, who reigned as pop music’s queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, has died. She was 48

OK America our favorite show X-Factor is getting a new thinkJudge! It only makes sense that lengenday Singer Whitney Houston  would be ask to join the judging panel for season 2 of the X Factor!


BLUE IVY CARTER … who do you think she takes after ?

Kandi is one of MY favorite housewives, but we all know she has a real bad reputation of bashing her baby’s father, like most women, Baby daddy DRAMA, but luckily for us WE KNOW WHY!!! Seems like Kandi was investing in her, Baby Daddy, Block as an up and coming rapper in the beginning. Things got ROMANTIC, Kandi and Block began a relationship even though he was ENGADGED. The happy couple had Riley their daughter. But shortly after Kandi had Riley, Block decided that he wanted to return to having a MONOGAMOUS relationship with his fiance…. CHEATERS NEVER WIN


Wasting Light-Foo Fighters
Born This Way-Lady Gaga
Doo-Wops & Hooligans-Bruno Mars

DONT FORGET, The Grammy’s will be broad casting LIVE Sunday in Los Angeles. DONT MISS IT!

Never Come Between a woman and her hair. Unfortunately for actress Gabrielle Union her travel experience was “UNWEAVABLE”. Wednesday TSA required a “hair pat-down” before she boreded her flight. Seems like her hair rung the alarm… Did you know she dated NBA player Dwyane Wade? WOW


We all know what Martin Luther king stood and died for, but what about the other people who sacrificed for the same cause. Today we honor Patricia Stephens Due.  Patricia stayed in jail for 49 days, refusing to pay bail after she was arrested for sitting at a Woolworth lunch counter in Tallahassee, Florida Today she died at the beautiful age of 72. So, lets all take the time and remember her for her sacrfice. R.I.P  Patricia Stephens Due -(@RoxyRed01)


BirdMan has TOOOOOO much money to spend in 2012, NOT ONLY did he buy two 2012 Bentley Coupes  for him and Lil Wayne BUT ALSO coped a Rolls Royce Ghost for Mack Maine. Looks like 2012 will be filled with WINNERS!

Rapper Ice T and His wife Coco … are the weirdest couple of 2012, but they MAKIN MONEY!, E! entertainment, known for their popular reality shows for the stars, has DEMANDED another season of Ice T and Coco reality show!


BEYONCE, we only have questions for you…To be pregnant or not to be pregnant, that is the question for singer Beyonce, WAS SHE REALLY PREGNANT? How can she go from a HUDGE baby bump to a FLAT belly so Quick! … I SMELL CONTROVERSY!  also WHY DID THEY NAME THAT BABY “BLUE IVY CARTER”, some say the name has secret meanings to it ???




OMG It’s offical, Chris Brown will be performing at the Grammy’s this sunday. A stepping stone for his career!   He will be the opening act preforming three of his hottest songs. This should be Good. Chris Brown DONT FAIL US NOW! –  (@RoxyRed01)

SuperBowl has did it again! Another “malfunction”. During  Madonna’s FABULOUS prefomance to her new single, “Give Me All Your Luvin”, M.I.A. flipped off millions of veiwers. Only Leaving NBC and the NFL pointing fingers at each other, WHO IS TO BLAME ? …At least she didnt naked.

So, We all know the House Wives of Atlanta went to Africa for episode 12, But what really happened on that trip??. DRAMA!!, between Sheree Whitfield and “Housewives” wannabe Marlo Hampton … Why did she come anyway?

Bow Wow is having money problems, AGAIN, not only does he owe the IRS  500 Racks but ALSO owes money his promoters. Thats doesnt stop this Fiesty rapper  from proposing to his “wealthy” girlfriend Angela Simmons… PAY YOUR TAXES or MARRY MONEY.

Who is this new Baltimore rapper Diddy signed to Bad Boys?

Gucci Man New Mixtape is Booming!, check it out and tell us what you think.- (@RoxyRed01)

President Obama  interviews with NBC before the superbowl stating  he deserves a “second term”. Ok, Obama we know you created the more jobs, and you fixed healthcare but what the world wants to know WHATS NEXT? Does Obama deserve another term? –  (@RoxyRed01)

Battle Of the Tv Shows: Basketball Wives vs. Real House wives of Atlanta – which one better??

Cash Money is preparing to release the new installment of the Harlem Girl Lost series by author Treasure Blue.

“Get It Girls,” is the latest release from Cash Money Content, the book company that Cash Money CEOs Bryan “Baby” Williams and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams launched in November of 2010.
“Get It Girls” is the latest installment of the Harlem Girl Lost series, which was formerly self published.

Harlem Girl Lost sold over 100,000 copies before Treasure Blue was signed to Cash Money Content.

Question: Why would you expect anybody to invest in your project if you wouldn’t do it your self?? ur cheap on your self bcuz u know u suck let’s be real u should just be a sprite drinker. lol (commercial)

Rap star Lil Kim was recently hit with an $86,347 tax bill, from the year 2009.
TMZ.com reports that the $86,000 bill from 2009 was recently tacked on to an already swollen tax bill.
The Queen Bee owes the government taxes for every year, from 2002 – 2009.

Oh yea The New York Giants won last night owwwwwwwww !

Cleveland, Ohio rapper Kid Cudi has officially disconnected from social networking site Twitter.
The rapper made the announcement to his 389,000 followers yesterday evening (February 3), along with a message about his new album, WZRD.

The Police wanna catch Bow Wow bcuz he didn’t pay some Tour Bus Company and he owes them 100k

Jay-Z helps ROC-A-WEAR by doing a new ad campaign

Gucci Mane new mixtape out.

Question: Where Is Jody Breeze ???

Sources are saying that Young Jeezy does not support Big Meech. wow that’s crazy

Muhammad Ali’s Trainer Angelo Dundee Dies At 90

Question:  Is Nicki Minaj the only female Mc really making noise ??? think it will be any new female mc’s this year that blow up??

Dr. Dre is working on his Detox Album, but it’s never coming out. lol

Question: does MTV or BET really show music videos anymore??? & why did Rap City go off the air?? I MISS RAP CITY

Young Jeezy New Album Went Gold!

(ARTWORK) BOOMMAN – BOOMIN 2.0 (FEB 17th) Coming Soon!

The Ink still drying on 2 Chainz contract with Def Jam . congrats to the Duffle Bag Boy crew

Okay! so ASAP ROCKY real name is Rakim or some shit??

Dont forget either it’s Black History Month rep it to the fullest bih! again DONT FORGET THIS IS BLACK HISTORY MONTH

Cash Out signs to Epic & Rap Star Promo played a big part in it big shout out 2 Ricardo & Dee of Bases Loaded Records

Just as Eminem prepares to celebrate the one-year anniversary of his groundbreaking “Born of Fire” commercial for Chrysler, the rapper is being sued for $9 million, in a hand written lawsuit that was filed last week.

Stephen Lee Pieck, of Ossining in Westchester New York, filed the lawsuit on January 12, in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York.

yep BET Banned Nicki Minaj “STUPID HO” Video said it was to much skin & other things #wow

BREAKING NEWS: Don Cornelius has died from an apparent suicide. He will forever be missed

Bronx, New York rapper Cory Gunz was arrested (January 28), after police found him in possession of a loaded handgun.
Police caught the rapper with a loaded, unregistered Taurus .9mm handgun.
Cory Gunz, born Peter Pankey Jr., is currently in custody in the Bronx.

BMF’S Bleu Davinci Says Young Jeezy Is A Homo And Speaks On Big Meech & says T.I. is not a snitch

Question:? Why the fuck are major artist dropping mixtapes?? more then there dropping albums. This to me makes no damn sense, Shouldn’t the indies be using the mixtape route as the way to get in the major door?? well everybody has an opinion.

Ja Rule, who is currently serving a 20-month sentence in prison for weapons possession, is launching a “remix” contest for his new single “Parachute” today (January 27) on Facebook. via ahh

Slaughterhouse’s welcome to: Our House will hit store shelves on May 15, with a national tour to precede the album’s release.

D’Angelo Performs First Show In 11 Years: The man behind Voodoo performed for the first time in 11 years on Thursday (January 26).

The performance took place at Filadelfiakyrkan in Stockholm, Sweden, and featured the debut performance of a new song called “Sugar Daddy.”

B.O.B. Sued over “Airplanes” SONG: A songwriter has filed a lawsuit against a production duo who claimed sole responsibility for producing B.o.B.’s hit single “Airplanes

Carl Thomas is back with a banger and it’s on our front page, check it out

Hip-Hop star DMX was rushed to the hospital with food poisoning last night : the rapper boarding a plane from Miami, en route to Charlotte, North Carolina, last night and became violently ill.

Alley Boy dissing ti & Jeezy

Shit Drake Says:

Rihanna must be a huge Tupac fan … because she just tatted the words THUG LIFE — on her fists!
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Ne-Yo Leaves Def Jam to Become Motown’s Senior VP of A&R

French Montana Says Drake Wants To Fight Common “He Said He Can’t Wait To Run Into Him” [2012 New]

BOOMMAN Boomin 2.0 Mixtape Drops Feb 17 – Boomman is the CEO that signed Roscoe Dash


WOW either Nicki has alot of haters or alot of ppl just don’t like that video

83,081 likes, 167,002 dislikes


Baby Of Cash Money is set to bet 5 Mil on the Super Bowl:

“I like New ENGLaNd.my nephew play RB# 42.I’m Bet 5million 2 any niggaaa.like tha Giants YMCMB.BabyMoney anybody kan Getit,” Birdman tweeted from his account, @BIRDMAN5STAR.

The Super Bowl Kicks off on Sunday, February 5th, in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Dmx Dropping 2 albums this year: Both of the DMX albums will be distributed by Fontana Distribution, which is a division of Universal Music Group. His 1st album will be called “Undispusted”


NY PostA 400-pound felon — who claims he spent eight months in jail in one set of street clothes because the city wouldn’t find him fashion that fit — is hoping to tip the scales of justice with a $1 million federal lawsuit. Elias A. Diaz, 55, says the Correction Department should pay up for forcing him to do his time in the T-shirt and sweats in which he was arrested. Diaz claims he was humiliated by the improper jailhouse attire and will need “expensive” therapy to come to grips with the fashion faux pas.  wow dats a big biiitch



Aretha Franklin calls her wedding off: Aretha won’t be getting fitted for that wedding dress afterall, she said her & Will were moving to fast and they bout to slow down and think about marriage some other time. Umm… by the way this is a true story lol

Kid Cudi is trashing any Venue that cuts his set short: Kid Cudi took responsibility for trashing the stage during the Heatwave Festival, after the sound man cut is set short by almost 30 minutes.

Pastor Troy was on Judge Alex said he was shook to do this show bcuz niggaz in Augusta want to kill him or something… check it out

Webbie said he had nothing to do with the Murder that went down in Dothan,AL: Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper Lil’ Webbie has denied any claims that he had a part in a murder that took place in an Alabama nightclub that left one man dead according to TMZ.com.

SWV is working on a new album & their in the studio with Jazze Pha, remember them??

Publicist Claims Amber Rose Plotted To Steal From Kanye; A former publicist for Amber Rose is planning to expose the model in an upcoming documentary titled “The Michael Jordan of Models: This Is Janero.” Marchand claimed that Amber Rose stole his 20% commission he was supposed to earn, for arranging her appearance in the “Robocop” video.

“Set the record straight. Yes, introduced Amber Rose to Kanye West for the ‘Robocop’ video. She stole my 20% of her $100,000 for the video,” Marchand tweeted today.

FAT JOE & WIFE GETTING DIVORCE after 17 years: Joe acting brand new after weight loss??

IIGHT the affair been going on for a year according to people Joe has been fucking with some 26 yr old girl named Ms. Dubai that stays in Miami  & Joe will be doing weight watchers commercials w/ Jennifer Hudson Soon lol



Luke To Reunite With 2 Live Crew for Summer Tour

Question: Which indie artist will get signed to a Major Next ??

Question:Is Love & Hip Hop the hottest thing in hip hop right now??? does that mean that most rappers should get Reality TV shows and put the mic down??

Question: Is Rap becoming the new R&B now??? let’s be real the top Rap songs are not rap at all right??

Question: Is this the Year of the White Rapper?? alot of white rappers are poppin : we’ll see how The Year plays out!

Question: Isn’t the beef between Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj getting old??? I think more female mc’s should unify to be honest.

T.I & JEEZY coming together to do a album together : Is Atlanta music scene as hot as it once was?? ppl respond to us

Another nigga dropped a mixtape today that nobody will ever hear lol

“Ring The Alarm” Producer/Pioneering Reggae Artist Winston Reilly Dies Of Gunshot Wounds

The Question everyone wants to know is: who is the next female mc to make a big name in hip hop ?? it has to be more then just Nicki!

Recording Tips: #music101 do not move your face when your rapping in the mic, the vocals go everywhere. lol

being a trend setter will have you remembered forever, following trends will have you forgotten tonight. #music101

Lawyers Say Swizz Beats Is not the Ceo Of Mega Upload.

According to Reports Drake is spending 45k a month on rent.

Jaden Smith which is Will Smith’s Son Could Be Joining Young Money Ent.

Common says his Beef with Drake is not over Serena Williams ole thick ass!

Mixed Reviews are coming about Nicki Minaj video alot of people like it and then well


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