Steve Harvey’s emotional chat with Michael Brown’s mom

Mike Brown should still be here and that’s real, listen to his mom speak.

Title: Steve Harvey’s emotional chat with Michael Brown’s mom

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  1. By: Jazmin

    With liberty and justice for all” my fucking ass. What has this country come to? It’s amazing how a skin color defines and changes everything. Apparently a white man would be classified as mentally-ill, but a black man would be shot at. This is cold-blooded murder and it’s definitely not justified. What’s sad is that Darren Wilson said his conscience is clear. I could go and on about this horrendous subject, but clearly our words are thrown against us. What the hell are the police officers doing carrying AK-47’s and tear gas and throwing it at the “rioting” crowd? People getting run over… when will this ordeal stop? We need to speak against the people who claim they “protect” us. But even by doing that, we get shot at. What the hell.

  2. By: Mulan

    I wonder if he hadn’t supposedly “stolen” from that store, would you people still have called him a thug, and if the answer is yes then you sir …..are a racist. Also, I feel that the word “thug is used to loosely when it is referring to African Americans, you people need to educate yourselves on the term before putting that label on someone.

  3. By: A1bando

    Fuck 12

  4. By: Anonymous

    Michael was not a thug, his family is real, the suffering that the black community goes through is tragic.
    Black people should not be taught to assume the position, black people should not fear walking at night to buy a candy bar or a simply SWISHER, black people should not be treated like second class citizens. 2014 especially.
    He is not another statistic. He is Mike Brown and we must be his voice as well as the voice of all that have been murdered due to racial injustice.
    #mikebrown #fergusondecision 

  5. By: Anonymous



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